The Regimen: Clinical Trial

After we spent years researching and formulating our three product regimen, we conducted a 3rd party clinical trial to ensure it worked on all skin types, skin tones, ages, and genders.


We followed the skin changes of 32 participants over the course of 8 weeks. 


The participants were instructed to use The Regimen as designed.

In the morning: 

1. Wash face with The Clean Slate

2. Moisturize with The Base Layer

In the evening:

1. Wash face with The Clean Slate

2. Nourish and repair with The Good Serum

The Results

After the duration of the study, the participants filled out a survey to report the changes they have seen in their skin. Here are the results:

My skin looks smoother: 100%

My skin shows an overall younger-looking appearance 94%

My skin feels more moisturized: 97%

I notice a visible improvement in the appearance of my skin: 97%

My skin looks healthier: 100% 

Fine lines and wrinkles appear diminished: 90.6%

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