Why We Use RSPO Certified Palm in Our Body Bar: A Sustainable Choice

At Caldera Lab, we believe in making products that are both good for you, and our environment and contribute to a more sustainable future.

That's why we've chosen to use RSPO certified palm oil in our Body Bar. This versatile ingredient creates a rich lather, maintains the quality of our soap bars, and moisturizes your skin. However, we acknowledge the environmental and social issues associated with unsustainable palm oil production. By using RSPO certified palm oil, we ensure that our palm oil is sourced responsibly, protecting vital habitats, reducing deforestation, and promoting fair labor practices.

Palm Oil: Why it's a great ingredient in Soap

  • Creates a rich, creamy lather, leaving your skin feeling clean and nourished.
  • Helps soap bars maintain their shape and longevity, ensuring a long-lasting product.
  • Possesses moisturizing properties, making it ideal for skincare and leaving your skin feeling soft and hydrated.

The Problem with Unsustainable Palm Oil

  • Large-scale palm oil plantations were causing deforestation, destroying critical habitats for endangered species like orangutans and tigers.
  • This contribution to climate change, releasing carbon dioxide and reducing biodiversity.
  • Unregulated production leading to land grabbing, human rights violations, and unfair labor practices, negatively affecting local communities and workers.

Caldera's Commitment to RSPO Certified Palm

  • Sourcing palm oil from suppliers who adhere to strict sustainability criteria.
  • Minimizing environmental impact, protecting wildlife habitats, and respecting the rights and well-being of workers and local communities through the use of RSPO certified palm oil.
  • Supporting responsible palm oil production, combating deforestation and biodiversity loss.

 Together, we can make a positive impact and enjoy skincare products that are effective and eco-friendly.