Not All Soap Is Created Equal

Bar soap can be very harsh and can strip and disrupt the skin barrier function and the skin’s natural bacteria. When it comes to pH levels, most soaps are not formulated to meet our skin's needs because they are too alkaline. Using soap can not only dry out your skin, but it can irritate it as well.


Generic Bar Soap can cause: 

  • Acne flares
  • Patchy dry spots
  • Dull & tired skin
  • Irritated skin


Unlike soap for your body, face washes are formulated to the skin’s natural acid pH. Our skin is designed to maintain moisture and protect itself against pollutants, wind, and toxins. It is our skin's acid mantle that does the job. The acid mantle is a fine film with a slightly acidic pH on the skin's surface and provides ideal protection.

Your skin barrier has several functions. It protects you from:

  • Pollution
  • Irritation, inflammation, and infection
  • Dehydration
  • Toxins


Why use the Clean Slate:

The Clean Slate is a pH-balanced face wash designed to cleanse and clarify without over-stripping the skin. It helps maintain healthy and moisturized skin. This cleanser is full of incredible ingredients like probiotics, mineral-rich glacier extracts, and serval purifying plants like fireweed and yarrow. The Clean Slate is gentle and works on all skin types. 

Key Ingredients: 


Caldera + Lab uses a patented probiotic-based ferment that helps activate the skin’s natural protective defense mechanism, thereby soothing the skin and strengthening the skin barrier.


Rich in minerals and rare earth elements, our deep sea glacial water is found at the convergence of mountains and ocean waters along the Northern Pacific Coast. This perennial, precious, and nutritive mineral water contains 60+ skin beneficial minerals and is collected sustainably to preserve the pristine environments.



A good cleanser shouldn't dry out your skin. Our non-GMO plant-derived squalane deeply moisturizes and conditions the skin while leaving a smooth matte finish. 


Learn more about The Clean Slate here.