10 Most Common Skincare Mistakes Men Make

We reviewed the 10 most common skincare mistakes we see guys make in a video series on our instagram. Check out the videos here or keep reading below for more of what "not" to do: 

01) Apply The Good Serum to wet skin

Oil and water do not mix! If there is moisture left on your face after washing it, The Good serum will not be able to penetrate into pores and do its job.This is the #1 thing we see guys do wrong when using The Good.


02) Washing your face with generic bar soap and cheap face wash 

Guys have told us they use body wash, hand soap, bar soap, and even shampoo to wash their face. These are often made with cheap ingredients and harsh surfactants that will strip your skin of its natural oil. Try something gentle and pH balanced like The Clean Slate.

03) Consistency

Do you expect to be immediately stronger after working out 3 times? Or expect to look leaner after eating clean for a couple of days? NO. Change and results come with long-term consistency and habit building.


04) Dirty Pillowcases 

When was was the last time you washed your sheets? If you are not washing your pillow case at least once a week you are laying in dead skin cells, sweat, saliva, dust, and other gunk…none of which are great for your skin.


05) Using too much product

Here's a good benchmark: 

  • The Clean Slate: 1 Pump
  • The Good: Depends on your skin type, take our quiz here!
  • The Eyecon: 1-2 Pumps
  • The Base Layer: Dime-Sized
  • The Deep: Enough to apply a thick and even layer

06) Using the wrong product around your eyes

The skin around your eyes is thinner, drier, and often more sensitive the rest of our face. It’s also the first place to show signs of age and fatigue. You need an eye specific product formulated with this in mind. 

07) Skipping Exfoliation

#7 is a common one and that’s NOT exfoliating. Both The Deep Mask and our cleanser The Clean Slate have chemical exfoliants that work to gently remove dead skin cells to brighten skin and minimize breakouts.  

Anyone who has tried The Deep knows you’ll feel a tingle when you apply it on and that mean’s it's working.

08) Not doing this one thing every day

Make sure to moisturize every, single day. Dry skin shows wrinkles and signs of age faster. Simple as that.

09) Applying products in the incorrect order

New to skincare and not sure the order to apply your new daily routine? Here’s a good rule of thumb:

1. Cleanser
2. Eye Serum
3. Face Serum
4. Moisturizer
5. SPF (in the am) 

*We suggest using The Good Serum in the evening and The Base Layer Moisturizer in the morning, but if you have dry skin using them together will work well in this order!

10) Thinking skincare isn't for men

 More guys than ever are taking care of their skin. Hear from athletes, actors, doctors, dads, that swear by our products and have been using them every day for years. 




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