Our Story
Why we did it.

Our entire journey began from a simple problem: We couldn't find any men's products on the market that we wanted to use ourselves.

They say good things come to those who wait. But we believe great skin comes to those who live well.

We began with a simple philosophy to make no compromises with respect to quality.

A life well lived can wreak havoc on your skin and a harsh environment like Jackson Hole with all of the outdoor adventures that it offers wasn't doing us any favors. We got tired of borrowing quality skincare products from our wives and girlfriends and set out to create a men's face serum fueled by high-altitude botanicals found in the region.

Leveraging Expertise

The Dream Team.

Leveraging the knowledge of world-renowned herbologists, green chemists, natural formulators, and scientists native to the Mountain West region, we created The Good - a clinically-proven multi-functional face serum packed with free radical fighting antioxidants. This is wild resilience in a bottle.

Our first-string player?

Fireweed is a powerful and resilient plant trusted for centuries to bring skin back to life. Our certified sustainable wild-harvesting process captures the highest potency of every bud and leaf so you can look your best.

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Why we did it.