7 Yoga Poses To Increase Longevity with Man Flow Yoga

Dean Pohlman started Man Flow Yoga to help men lead healthier lives and to feel more confident in their bodies. Here at Caldera + Lab, we're all about aging well, so we teamed up with Dean to share his 7 favorite poses to live a healthier, longer life.  
For a full video tutorial, scroll to the bottom. 

 1. Chair Pose

Why it's good for you: This pose helps build strength in the ankles shoulders and glutes and is also great for building stability and stimulating the abdominal organs. 

2. Cobra Pose

Why it's good for you: Cobra is one of the best spine and core strengthening poses and is essential in any yoga practice. It’s a backbend that helps address the underlying causes of back pain and poor posture. 

3. Downward Dog

Why it's good for you: Downward dog stretches out the back of the legs and your lower back. It is also a great pose to calm and quiet the mind.
Downward Dog

4. Lizard Pose

Why it's good for you: This pose is basically a deep low lunge. This will target your hip flexors and directly counters the muscle tightness we get from sitting most of the day. Your knees and back will also appreciate this useful posture.
Lizard Pose

5. Pigeon Pose

Why it's good for you: Pigeon stretches your glutes for faster muscle recovery, releases the lower back, and improves hip mobility. This stretch is one of the most important you can do for your back and hips.


6. Side Angle

Why it's good for you: This common pose starts in a Warrior Two pose, front knee over your toes with your back hip pushing forward towards your front hip, groin open. The full pose addresses your shoulders, helps improve posture, and challenges your core.
Side Angle

7. Deep Squat

Why it's good for you: The squat is a super important pose because it's a full body exercise. With your toes straight forward (mostly), chest up, and back flat, sit down and lean back. It may take time to get into the full pose but proper form is necessary, so keep your heels down!

For a full tutorial, grab your yoga mat and join Dean in this short 20 minute session to help keep your body feeling strong and pain-free. 

 Learn more about Dean here: calderalab.com/manflowyoga