7 Reasons Why Guys Are Switching to Caldera + Lab for Healthy Skin

7 Reasons Why Guys Are Switching to Caldera + Lab for Healthy Skin


After more than two years of development, a new men's skincare company has both industry insiders and normal guys alike buzzing with excitement. Caldera + Lab, based in Jackson Hole Wyoming, sells a single product that is being heralded as not only easy to use but also capable of delivering amazing results in one quick and easy step.


We dug a little deeper into why their face serum, appropriately dubbed 'The Good,' is receiving such a warm welcome to a crowded market.

1. Their product claims are backed up by hard science

The skincare industry is chalk full of companies that can’t back up product claims with real data. Caldera + Lab is the first mens brand to conduct an 8-week clinical trial on 53 male subjects between the age of 37-64.  


96% of subjects reported healthier skin, 87% showed reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and 83% reported clearer skin.

2. World renowned experts created the product

Caldera + Lab's product development team includes the skincare industry's leading non-toxic formulator with 30+ years of experience. Also assisting for formulation duties are a green chemist and famous Herbalist Professor with a combined 90+ years of natural and organic skincare expertise.

3. This face serum applies in one easy step

Forget complicated routines and re-reading instructions, there’s not much to this process. Wash your face using a cleanser and make sure to dry your face off well. Apply a few drops of the serum and that’s all you need. Most people see results within 7 days and it only gets better from there.

4. Simply the best ingredients on earth

100% of the ingredients are all-natural, organic and non-toxic. All of the ingredients are either wild-harvested or organically farmed. This product is greater than the sum of all parts and that's saying something - as the ingredients are incredible.

5. More than 2 years of research and development

The majority of companies launch 4+ products when they come to market and take less than two months to develop all of them. Caldera + Lab invested more than two years to carefully select each ingredient, test and tweak many formulations and then scientifically test to prove performance. This is a real commitment to craftsmanship.

6. Certifications by leading independent agencies

In a highly unregulated industry, Caldera + Lab is the first US mens brand to achieve both the MadeSafe and Ecocert certification. No other men’s skincare brand can touch this level of transparency and dedication to safety.

7. If you don't love it - you won't pay for it

Trying new products is always tough as you don't want to get stuck with something that you don't like. You can try The Good for a full 60 days and if you’re still not completely satisfied receive a 100% refund. We hope more companies consider adopting policies like this!

Article Updated: Caldera + Lab is currently running a special promotion where you can save 10% off your first order! Use coupon code "LIVEWILD10" at checkout to apply this discount. Get ready for great skin.

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