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When do I use The Good?

The Good is a one-step product most commonly used at night. It’s meant to be applied after washing and drying the face. Many customers apply it morning and night for maximum results.

How much of The Good should I put on my face at one time?

The average guy uses one full press worth of serum, which is about 1/3 of the dropper full. However if you have oily skin, live in a humid environment, or simply prefer less, 4-5 drops to start are recommended.

I am prone to acne/oily skin/irritation/redness/etc. Is The Good for me?

Our formula was designed for sensitive skin, with gentle natural non-irritating ingredients. A clinical study and an irritancy (RIPT) study backs this up. The Good is proven to be non-irritating and effective for men with a range of skin types and conditions. However, if you at all experience an adverse reaction, we recommend stopping use immediately and contacting us. With our 30-Day satisfaction guarantee, we will refund your order.

Can I use The Good if I have a beard or facial hair?

Of course! We encourage men with a bit more hair to ensure they apply The Good thoroughly, making sure your fingertips get to the skin underneath or around your facial hair.

Jeremy Casebeer

Caldera + Lab Ambassador

Jeremy Casebeer is a professional beach volleyball player working to scale climate solutions and protect our oceans. Born and raised in Santa Barbara CA, Jeremy attended UCLA where he played indoor volleyball and studied Environmental Studies, and has been competing the past 10 years professionally throughout the US, Brasil and internationally. Jeremy splits time between LA and Rio de Janeiro where he has family and competes on the Brasilian Pro Tour. He's an avid amature photographer, very average surfer, and loves spending time in nature with his family and 5 year old son Joaquim

What is your relationship to skincare and how long have you had a skin routine?

When I was in 9th grade I got a severe sunburn snowboarding. It literally burned the pigment on my face (a skin condition called Vitiligo) and left me with a surprisingly symmetrical two-tone mustache.


I’ve been playing beach volleyball since I was 14 and I am at the beach almost every day training. Thankfully I learned my lesson about wearing sunscreen at an early age and have been very careful, but I’ve spent more hours in the sun than I care to admit.


I’ve always known I need a quality skincare routine. I’ve struggled to find one that is effective, natural, and that I actually want to use. That’s why I was stoked when I first tried Caldera Lab +. It’s simple, effective, makes my skin feel and look healthier and because Caldera is a Certified B Corp and uses Wild Harvesting I know it's made in balance with nature.

What changes in your skin have you seen since using Caldera + Lab products?

Basically living at the beach has taken its toll on my face leaving it with sun marks, lines, and leaving my skin too often dried out. Using The Base Layer, The Good, and The Clean Slate has helped my skin look and feel healthier.

What did you choose to partner with Caldera + Lab?  

I’m a fan of Caldera + Lab because they are B Corp certified and make a skincare routine I actually look forward to using. Because Caldera Lab + has gone through the rigorous B Corp Certification I can trust they make their business decisions with employees, customers, the community, and the environment in mind.

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"I’ve always known I need a quality skincare routine but I’ve struggled to find one that is effective, natural, and that I actually want to use. That’s why I was stoked when I first tried Caldera Lab +. It’s simple, effective, and makes my skin feel and look healthier. And maybe most importantly, Caldera + Lab is a Certified B Corp and sustainably harvests ingredients so I can feel good about using it."

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Making a Difference

When did you get interested in sustainability?

I grew up camping and hiking in California but it was my high school AP Environmental Studies teacher put things in perspective. He took a small group of students to plant endemic species on Santa Cruz Island off the coast of California. Exploring the island let me see what California would have looked like hundreds of years ago before any of the current development. It’s basically an untouched pristine California ecosystem.

What actions do you take to reduce your carbon footprint?  

Unfortunately we live in a world that makes it impossible to completely reduce your carbon footprint. There are things like flying/driving less and consuming less meat that do lower your personal impact. However, 100 corporations have been linked to 70% of global emissions. While taking action individually is important, what we need is collective action and systems change. That’s exactly what the B Corp Certification and companies like Caldera Lab + are working towards! By making business decisions for the long term vs. quarterly results, and considering all stakeholders (employees, customers, community and the environment), companies are able to help drive change towards a more regenerative and equitable form of capitalism.

Anything else you want people to know?

A few years ago I got into photography. I’ve never been ‘artistic’ or ‘creative’, I can barely draw stick figures. I travel a ton and taking my camera with me has allowed me to slow down and explore new places through a different perspective. I’ve taken thousands of terrible pictures, but after a day of shooting I’ll end up with a few keepers. I’ve really enjoyed being able to capture my son and nieces growing up, they’re all a few years apart between 5-7 years old.

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