Jeremy Casebeer Shares The Importance In Supporting B Corps

Jeremy Casebeer is a professional beach volleyball player working to scale climate solutions and protect our oceans.


I have always wanted to live a ‘sustainable life’ and hopefully leave things a bit better. I came to realize that is a difficult concept to define, understand, and act on.


I went back to UCLA to study sustainability in hopes of doing just that. After measuring my carbon footprint for the first time I realized that my career and travel as a professional beach volleyball player led me to have a significant negative impact. Ever since, I’ve been working to answer and act on 3 questions:

  • What is my impact?
  • What can I do about it?
  • How can I help scale positive outcomes and solutions?


I quickly realized that it's easy for companies to talk about all the good they are doing for our communities and planet. It’s much more difficult to back it up. Thankfully third party certifications like B Corp require companies to take transparent action, disclose about their positive and negative impacts, and actively improve over time. 


Certifications create an opportunity for companies to share their stories. This gives us as consumers an insight into the values of the company and how they make their decisions.

Working with companies is an important part of being a professional athlete. After focusing on these impact questions, I realized I could use them to filter which brands I work with. That way I support and work with brands whose products I genuinely love, would happily recommend to my family and friends, and whose values and purpose align with my own as seen through their B Corp or other certifications.


One of the things I love most about beach volleyball is the sense of community and striving to learn and improve as an athlete and human being. Community, collaboration and improvement is also at the heart of the B Corp movement. I found Caldera + Lab and a number of other B Corps I work with through that community. 


I was drawn to Caldera + Lab because they are a B Corp and because it's the first skincare routine that is made from natural ingredients and actually works!


I am damn excited to have Caldera + Lab supporting the ‘Our Impact Podcast’. Each episode on ‘Our Impact’ I speak with leading nonprofits, academics, business leaders and athletes to learn from their experience how we can all take action to scale our collective impact. Check out Our Impact Podcast:


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