How to Recycle Caldera + Lab Products

A lot of you have been asking us recently: “How exactly do I recycle your products?”

In honor of Earth Week, we put together a step-by-step guide so you know the best way to recycle your products after their gone. 

Here's a video so you can follow along:


The Clean Slate Cleanser:
  • Unscrew the dropper from the bottle.
  • Throw the dropper away as it isn’t recyclable (or better yet, keep it as a backup just in case!)
  • Rinse out the glass bottle and recycle.

The Base Layer Moisturizer:
  • Just unscrew the cap, rinse out the container and lid, and recycle both parts!

The Good Serum:
  • Start by unscrewing the dropper from the bottle.
  • Now take the dropper and push the wooden piece off the end.
  • Both the glass bottle and wooden piece are recyclable – the dropper and small black plastic piece are not.

The Deep Mask:
  • Take a pair of scissors and cut the tube in half.
  • Pro tip: Squeeze out the excess for one final mask!
  • Now carefully open the metal edges of the tube so you can rinse it out and recycle it. Again, do this CAREFULLY! The edges might be sharp, so you may want to wear a pair of gloves or use a tool to help you out.

When you use Caldera + Lab products, you know you're making a sustainable choice. We’re not only dedicated but legally required to implement processes that are beneficial to both people and planet. 

We went the extra mile to become certified by world-leading regulatory bodies like B Corp and MADE SAFE® to assess our products for their non-toxicity, social impact, environmental impact, and more. That means our packaging is designed with infinitely recyclable dark opaque glass and post-consumer recycled materials, we focus heavily on reducing material and resource consumption, and every step in our process from formula to final product is carefully curated to ensure the biggest reduction in carbon footprint possible.